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iGotIt just got released!!!. You can download it on the App Store.

iGotIt is an iPhone and iPod touch game based on the classic pen and paper code breaking game called Bulls and Cows.

If you like Sudoku or MasterMind or any code breaker games, you will love . The goal of this game is to find the secret number selected by iGotIt. Flex your brain and try your powers of deduction while finding the correct answer in the least number of tries and in the shortest time possible.

iGotIt has a powerful annotation mechanism that will help you in the search for the solution. Experiment the power of annotations, your games will never be the same. iGotIt uses your annotations to provide on screen context feedback that helps you arrive at the solution sooner. Check game samples on how to use annotations.

Select the level of difficulty that better suits your skills and have fun while you exercise your brain.


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